Click2Sell Vs Clickbank: which is our choice?

As we wrote in the TO-DO list we are searching for a marketplace to list the viral traffic dominator products and for a complete affiliate management system to simplify the payment of commissions.

We immediately thought of ClickBank but we encountered a lot of problems to get accepted due to the nature of this traffic generation product. We were really disappointed by this because surely you also know how many garbage products are hosted by clickbank marketplace and it seems unbelievable that our product cannot get accepted.

However we went ahead with our goal and we stumbled upon Click2Sell, practically a clickbank clone but with interesting advantages.

First of all the product approval is very fast and you should not worry about your product as it will be surely approved. Click2sell is a certified paypal partner that support three forms of affiliate management:

  • Private: you get payments from customers directly to your money account and you pay affiliates yourself.
  • Hybrid: you get payments to your click2sell vendor account and the affiliates are automatically payed.
  • Complete: This is our choice; practically all is done by click2sell, we will not worry about billings, payments, customer service, refund and chargebacks.

Learn more about click2sell affiliate management system.

Also the affiliate marketplace is well designed as it displays clearly the conversion rate of every product and the amount you will earn after you made a sale.

Now we are working on the vtd code to integrate this powerful payment system and soon you can buy our products (ad credits, membership upgrades) trough click2sell payment system; this will not change your habits because you can still use your preferred payment method as click2sell accepts all major payment systems like PayPal ,Moneybookers or credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard and others.

There will be only a little change about the affiliate system; to be sure to receive your commissions you should join clik2sell as affiliate and enter the chosen click2sell ID in your viral traffic dominator profile. You don’t need to change your affiliate links, the system will take care of everything, just insert your click2sell ID and your commission will be automatically payed by click2sell in a safer and fastest way.

We will ensure that the transaction will be the easiest possible and we will advise every member via email, in the meantime if you want to take advantage please join click2sell.

Disclaimer: “Click2Sell is a registered trademark of Click2Sell Inc. Clickbank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc, a Delaware corporation

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