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VTD.CC Url Shortener is ready

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Use the power of viral traffic dominator with the new url shortening service: use tiny url while getting free traffic!

You can choose to use the old version links like or the shortened version that will look like

Both links will remain active and the advertising functions will remain the same.

Why We choose vtd to remember our main domain, while .cc is a country code domain for Cocos Islands in Australia. This tld is only two letters, it’s very rare to find a free one now; five letters in total, not bad.


TO-DO List

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

We want that the users of viral traffic dominator get satisfied by this program so here’s a list of the improvements we have in mind, feel free to add your comments and advices!

URL shortner service: substitute your long  links ( with something like this DONE!

ClickBank Click2Sell integration: users and affiliate payments handled by clickbank click2sell, products listed on the marketplace.

Embed vtd ads directly in your sites with javascript code working as a standard banner without change your links.

– New ads format: page peel

– Monthly ad credit plans: When buying a monthly ad credit plan the first load of ad credits comes within 24 hours that could be annoying for someone so we want to fix that in order to deliver the first week’s credits instantly.

Welcome to Viral Traffic Dominator

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Viral traffic dominator is an advertising tool that can bring a lot of traffic to your website, this is how it works:

  1. You promote your sites using special links provided by viral traffic dominator
  2. When users land on your website they will see an eye-catching and countdown ad; if they click it your account will be credited with ad credits
  3. In the member area  you can create ads that will show in the vtd network as you have credits in your account.
  • Create your downline by referring other members to viral traffic dominator and use the mail functions of your member area.
  • Become an affiliate of vtd and earn 50% on all sales and memberships
  • Mask your affiliate links with vtd special links
  • Track your website conversions using vtd links
  • Earn advertising on all of your referral’s link clicks too