Announcing the Viral Traffic Dominator referral CONTEST…

December 30th, 2014

Big news!  We’ve just kicked off a contest at Viral Traffic Dominator.  Here are the details (you can check the blog also):

– Contest runs from NOW through 11:59 PM to January 2015 30th.
– Refer as many members as you can and you’ll win these prizes:

1st Place – 250,000 Ad Credits
2nd Place – 150,000 Ad Credits
3rd Place –  75,000 Ad Credits
4th Place –  50,000 Ad Credits
5th Place –  25,000 Ad Credits
6th Place –  15,000 Ad Credits
7th Place –  10,000 Ad Credits
8th Place –   7,500 Ad Credits
9th Place –   5,000 Ad Credits
10th Place –  2,500 Ad Credits

And EVERYONE who gets 10+ referrals will WIN 1,000 Ad Credits!  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been marketing online for years or if this is your first day–YOU can win a prize!

Just 2 referrals per day and you WIN!

To start making referrals, login at and click “Earn Traffic” link in the menu to get promo tools that include your affiliate ID.

To see your contest results, login and click “Contest” link in the menu.  The leaderboard updates in real time so you can see your results!  Good luck!

Your Partner in Success,
Jacob Wedzik

Viral Traffic Dominator 2.0 is launching!

March 1st, 2014

We’re excited to announce that Viral Traffic Dominator 2.0 is launching!


Here’s what it means for you:


1. More possibilities to create traffic and advertise your business.

2. More possibilities to make money for you as an affiliate.


Here are some features we are adding very soon:


– Log In Ads

– Banners Ads

– Email Ads

– Text Ads


We want to provide the best service for our members!


We’re also planning to add new “Training Section” where

we teach you how to drive more TRAFFIC to your offers.


Everything will be ready very soon!


Viral Traffic Dominator Team



March 1st, 2014


Viral Traffic Dominator is a traffic generator and advertising tool that provides high converting traffic using anunobtrusive format ad with urgency-generating countdown timer and specific niche targeting. It’s pleasant to look at, and it disappears on its own. It features a ticking countdown timer that counts down and it disappears when the timer reaches 0, which creates ultra urgency and explodes click rates; Go here and wait some seconds so you can see the banner at the bottom. Practically the user earn ad credits by using special links that will shows the ad on his pages.Viral Traffic Dominator includes a great variety of products, there are over 30 products to promote (monthly recurring and one time payments) with various prices from 9$ to 137$ ; by promoting this program you will be remunerated if the visitors you send purchases any of this products, all you must do is promote your Click2Sell affiliate link.

Earn 50% of every purchase for life: When you make a referral it’s yours forever! You take 50% of all purchases ,both one time and recurring, so if a user buy a 33$ / month membership you will get 16.50 $ every month as long as he don’t cancel his subscription.
If you want to get the most of this affiliate program I recommend you to join Viral Traffic Dominator for free because youcan’t miss this useful s affiliate features:

  • Earn free advertising when you promote your own affiliate link: You can use our link generator to obtain the special url that allows you to earn ad credits while you promote your affiliate links.
  • Cloak your affiliate links and protect your affiliate commissions: using Viral Traffic Dominator special links you can hide your affiliate code and protect your affiliate commissions from being stolen.
  • Shorten your affiliate links: use our url shortening service to prettify your affiliate links and at the same time earn free advertising when your links are clicked.
  • 1,000 Bonus Ad Credits just for joining: This is the bonus for joining our program for free! with 1,000 Ad credits you can show your ads 100 times.
  • Earn free advertising on your referrals activity: You earn 5 credits every time any of your referrals’ links are clicked
  • Send solo email to your referrals every week: create your own downline and send promotional email every week using our mail utilities.
  • Use our special affiliate tools: peel away ads, banners, email templates, blog reviews, thirdy part lists, fast action bonuses, ecc. Check all tools here (only members)



It’s very easy to make referrals, the homepage consists in a high converting sales letter where the user gets detailed information about the product and he can sign up for free within 1 minute. Often just after joining he buy a one time offer or some ad credits package.

Viral Traffic Dominator sells two types of products: ad credits packages and memberships; these are the memberships available:

  • Gold: This is the membership that the user acquires when he signup for free
  • Platinum: paid membership
  • Diamond: paid membership
  • Elite: paid membership

The paid memberships adopt different prices depending upon the one time offers or lifetime offers.

In order to view the ad credits packages sign up to Viral Traffic Dominator and after logged in go to


Viral traffic dominator sales funnel chart

This is the Viral Traffic Dominator sales funnel: after user join for free he will go trough this.

Click2Sell Payment system is set

February 22nd, 2011

We are pleased to announce that we are replacing all the paypal button with click2sell payment buttons  ensuring better management of billing and more security.

When you buy our products you will reach the click2sell payment system where you can make a purchase using your paypal account or if you don’t have one you can also use your credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard and others.

Also you can enter your billing data in the payment form to receive the invoice useful for your business.

We planned also to use the click2sell affiliate management system to promote viral traffic dominator and in a short time every member will benefits of the powerful click2sell transactions report and fast affiliate payments.

Click2Sell Vs Clickbank: which is our choice?

February 12th, 2011

As we wrote in the TO-DO list we are searching for a marketplace to list the viral traffic dominator products and for a complete affiliate management system to simplify the payment of commissions.

We immediately thought of ClickBank but we encountered a lot of problems to get accepted due to the nature of this traffic generation product. We were really disappointed by this because surely you also know how many garbage products are hosted by clickbank marketplace and it seems unbelievable that our product cannot get accepted.

However we went ahead with our goal and we stumbled upon Click2Sell, practically a clickbank clone but with interesting advantages.

First of all the product approval is very fast and you should not worry about your product as it will be surely approved. Click2sell is a certified paypal partner that support three forms of affiliate management:

  • Private: you get payments from customers directly to your money account and you pay affiliates yourself.
  • Hybrid: you get payments to your click2sell vendor account and the affiliates are automatically payed.
  • Complete: This is our choice; practically all is done by click2sell, we will not worry about billings, payments, customer service, refund and chargebacks.

Learn more about click2sell affiliate management system.

Also the affiliate marketplace is well designed as it displays clearly the conversion rate of every product and the amount you will earn after you made a sale.

Now we are working on the vtd code to integrate this powerful payment system and soon you can buy our products (ad credits, membership upgrades) trough click2sell payment system; this will not change your habits because you can still use your preferred payment method as click2sell accepts all major payment systems like PayPal ,Moneybookers or credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard and others.

There will be only a little change about the affiliate system; to be sure to receive your commissions you should join clik2sell as affiliate and enter the chosen click2sell ID in your viral traffic dominator profile. You don’t need to change your affiliate links, the system will take care of everything, just insert your click2sell ID and your commission will be automatically payed by click2sell in a safer and fastest way.

We will ensure that the transaction will be the easiest possible and we will advise every member via email, in the meantime if you want to take advantage please join click2sell.

Disclaimer: “Click2Sell is a registered trademark of Click2Sell Inc. Clickbank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc, a Delaware corporation

VTD.CC Url Shortener is ready

January 17th, 2011

Use the power of viral traffic dominator with the new url shortening service: use tiny url while getting free traffic!

You can choose to use the old version links like or the shortened version that will look like

Both links will remain active and the advertising functions will remain the same.

Why We choose vtd to remember our main domain, while .cc is a country code domain for Cocos Islands in Australia. This tld is only two letters, it’s very rare to find a free one now; five letters in total, not bad.


TO-DO List

January 12th, 2011

We want that the users of viral traffic dominator get satisfied by this program so here’s a list of the improvements we have in mind, feel free to add your comments and advices!

URL shortner service: substitute your long  links ( with something like this DONE!

ClickBank Click2Sell integration: users and affiliate payments handled by clickbank click2sell, products listed on the marketplace.

Embed vtd ads directly in your sites with javascript code working as a standard banner without change your links.

– New ads format: page peel

– Monthly ad credit plans: When buying a monthly ad credit plan the first load of ad credits comes within 24 hours that could be annoying for someone so we want to fix that in order to deliver the first week’s credits instantly.

Welcome to Viral Traffic Dominator

January 12th, 2011

Viral traffic dominator is an advertising tool that can bring a lot of traffic to your website, this is how it works:

  1. You promote your sites using special links provided by viral traffic dominator
  2. When users land on your website they will see an eye-catching and countdown ad; if they click it your account will be credited with ad credits
  3. In the member area  you can create ads that will show in the vtd network as you have credits in your account.
  • Create your downline by referring other members to viral traffic dominator and use the mail functions of your member area.
  • Become an affiliate of vtd and earn 50% on all sales and memberships
  • Mask your affiliate links with vtd special links
  • Track your website conversions using vtd links
  • Earn advertising on all of your referral’s link clicks too